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Paradigm offers a host of support activities that will reinforce the ongoing learning and mastery of new selling skills. The best activity for supporting and changing selling behaviors is coaching in the field by sales managers. 

How to Master Selling Behaviors
  • Practice
  • Reinforcement
  • Measurement
  • Coaching

1. Advanced Sales Mastery
A one or two day follow up program is available to take the skills to a higher level. This will be customized to your needs and preferences. 

2. Coaching Sales Effectiveness
This is a one day training program that teaches sales managers how to coach their people in the field and over the phone. 

3. On-Line Sales Mastery Skills Assessment

4. Eliciting Success Stories
Success stories can be solicited after each training session, published internally and sent to all salespeople.

5. Best Practices
Best practices can be developed from the success stories. These can be sent out to all salespeople through podcasts. 

6. Incorporating Sales Mastery into Product Training
Paradigm can work with your training department to incorporate the selling skills into “new hire” and general product training. 

7. Video Role Plays
Video role plays can be produced that demonstrate mastery for needs assessment, presentations and product demos. These can be used for new hire training and post training support.

8. Bi-monthly Coaching Sessions
Bi-monthly coaching sessions with sales managers are available to discuss coaching activities and success stories. 

9. Support Tools
  • Audio CD’s for Sales Mastery & Coaching
  • Laminated Skills Summary pages
  • Laminated pages of Pillars & Crowbar Questions
  • Customized Sales Process
  • Customized role play DVD’s