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Sample Success Stories

Within eight weeks of a Sales Mastery Seminar, often one of the participants makes a sale of such magnitude that it pays for the training many times over. Without the skills provided by Sales Mastery, the sale would not have been made.

1. Several years ago, a Philips salesperson from Australia sold 16 ultrasounds systems in a hospital that had never purchased Philips equipment. In the first year after the training, she doubled her income using the new skills and then doubled it again the following year. She attributed her success to Sales Mastery. 

2. A salesperson from Microtec Medical quadrupled his annual income in nine months using the skills he learned in Sales Mastery. 

3. Six weeks after taking Sales Mastery, a salesperson from SonoSite, Inc. sold 50 portable ultrasound units in one hospital. He said that he would not have made this sale without the skills from Sales Mastery. 

4. After taking Sales Mastery, a salesperson from Capital Lumber sold a one million dollar program to a new customer using the customized “leave behind” he learned in the training. He would not have made the sale without the Sales Mastery skills. 

5. A group of salespeople from Philips participated in a Sales Mastery seminar. The day after the seminar, one salesperson went back to a hospital where he had just lost a deal. He conducted the needs assessment again using the Paradigm questioning model, addressed the prospect’s problems appropriately and won the sale back … $1.2 million dollars!

6. While participating in a Sales Mastery seminar, one salesperson from GE Healthcare realized he was losing a large sale. He went back to the prospect and changed certain aspects of the sale that he previously missed using the skills from the training. He won the $7.2 million dollar sale and attributed his success to Sales Mastery.

7. In 2013, a colleague and I trained the entire sales and management team for GE Healthcare in Australia in both Sales Mastery and Coaching.  During 2013, they increased their annual sales by 3% when their competitor’s growth was flat. This growth was attributed to the Paradigm sales training and coaching.